1. Schedule a call with us

During our call, you’ll let us know about your financial situation, along with the goals that you’re trying to accomplish. If it sounds like we can help you out, we will compile a proposal for your review. Once you accept our proposal, we’ll let you know which documents are needed to prepare your financial plan.

2. Meet with us

Meet with us in person or via video chat for two or more meetings.

  1. During the first meeting, you will be asked to gather all your personal data and financial information so that we can see where you stand. We will examine cash flow, net worth, insurance and other financial areas and you can discuss your goals, objectives, risk tolerance and time frame.

  2. Our second meeting is where we will present your personal financial plan, make recommendations and discuss them with you so that you fully understand them. The financial plan could include creating new habits or considering new strategies. We will make note of any concerns you may have, and revise recommendations as appropriate.

  3. The third meeting, if required, will give us the opportunity to address any necessary course corrections, if applicable. We can also use this meeting to discuss a specific financial topic, such as investment strategy, estate planning, cash flow, or budgeting.

3. Checking up further

We all know how easy it can be to slide backwards, and that’s why we will continue checking in with you after any meeting and discussions. We’ll call to check in and see how you’re doing on a monthly basis for up to six months, making sure that you’re feeling comfortable with your progress while offering advice on any issues that you may be having. The six month time frame includes initial three meetings.

4. Questions answered when you need it

With our financial plans, you’re able to email us with questions about your financial plan, financial goals or progress. We are here for you – never hesitate to reach out!

5. Continuing your strategy

At the end of our engagement, you can choose from the following options:

a. Take personal control: If you’re comfortable, you can use the advice and financial planning that Shonty’s given you to take control of your own investment strategies.

b. Investment Management: We can continue managing your investments and provide ongoing advice concerning all things related to your financial life. .

c. Consultation: For a month-to-month fee, you can continue to receive financial planning tailored to your needs, along with advice on how to stick to your strategies.